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more than just restaurants

About Our Company

In 2008 Troy and Tania Meyers started a catering company out of their home, Troy's Catering.  Since then they have opened several Troy's Cafes, expanded the catering business and ventured into food service management, consulting and even pie making.  With a key management team in place MHB has grown and continues to strive for being more than just restaurants.  The main focus for MHB is to do a better job and outwork the competition every day.  Taking every day as on opportunity to get better and learn while making sure the guest and clients receive the best.

Irving-Meyers Design and Consulting

Offering your restaurant, facility or business unique art picked specifically for your needs and budget.

What We Offer

MHB. Foodservice Management

Offering a unique dining experience for your employees, guest and affiliates.